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Our ethos:

The inclusion team provides bespoke educational programmes for all pupils to be able to:

  • Create an ethos of achievement for all pupils within a climate of high expectation;
  • Value a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements;
  • Promote success and self-esteem by taking action to remove barriers to learning;
  • Counter conscious and unconscious discrimination that may prevent individuals, or pupils from any particular groups, from thriving in the school;
  • Actively promote understanding and a positive appreciation of the diversity of individuals and groups within society.


We offer a bespoke educational package to our pupils consisting of a place at our offsite provision – The Lodge. We also offer offsite/home tuition and, through the extended curriculum team, work based placements. We also offer specialist support for pupils who are able to access some school based lessons.

A typical week for a pupil with inclusion could consist of time based at The Lodge, placements at alternative providers and work based learning and home/offsite tuition.

Expectations to achieve are high with the inclusion team both academically and behaviourally. The curriculum followed varies and is differentiated accordingly.

Multi agency work

The inclusion team values and benefits from strong relationships with a number of professional agencies.

Close links with MAST, Social work networks, SEN, Heritage Park's own PST, The Police, CHAMS, The Sheffield College and Sheffield Futures have been forged and built upon to ensure the best possible support is available to all our young people and their families.

Areas of need are identified, assessed with plans put in place for all who need them.

The network of support continues to grow and is fundamental to building successful futures for our pupils and their families.


Safeguarding all inclusion pupils is of paramount importance and presents challenges on a daily basis. The inclusion team take pride in delivering comprehensive safeguarding routines every day. Phone calls and home visits take place on a daily basis with targeted support to those who require it.

Referrals and discussions with the school based safeguarding team occur daily with positive outcomes for our young people being our main priority.


The attendance and engagement of our pupil's remains a daily challenge and is closely linked to safeguarding.

Many of the pupils who are placed with the inclusion team have a history of low and non attendance.  It is our aim to for pupils to show significant progress in improving their attendance and engagement. All pupils have personalised attendance targets to fall in line with school expectations.

Pupils are monitored closely and targeted plans are initiated involving parents and pupils, MAST, and the safeguarding team

Initial Assessment

Pupils who are referred to inclusion are assessed on entry. Assertive mentoring gives an accurate reflection of their academic level in both English and Maths, with a programme of study then developed to suit their ability.

We have also recently introduced the Boxall profile and are currently developing an assessment of social and emotional need. This then informs a baseline assessment and is used to monitor and measure progress.

We work hard with all previous providers of education to gather information relating to previous attendance and academic achievement alongside any previous behavioural issues.

Specialised support

Some pupils have access to 1:1 and on occasions 2:1 staffing. This level of support is often born out of emotional and behaviour need. However, it is also developed to support pupils who are expected to achieve at GCSE level.

Pupils have access to be taught 1:1 in school, at The Lodge or offsite for GCSE subjects and Functional Skills.


Each pupil has the opportunity to study for qualifications, with the aim of achieving at least 5 and with a minimum requirement of gaining Functional Skills in Maths and English to level 1.

Pupils also study GCSE Maths, English and Science, GCSE PE, Entry level Science, History and PHSE and The Princes Trust XL Club PDE (Personal Development and Employability Skills) Level 1 Certificate.

The Team

At present the inclusion team at Heritage Park is staffed by:

1 teacher, 3 Teaching Assistants and 3 agency staff providing 1:1 and 2:1 support